Friday, May 11, 2018

Week 14: You are THE BOMB (even if it is a little melted)

Another week of debates in class today! We are certainly able to tell the amount of preparation that went into your arguments. I hope you have found this assignment challenging. There are certain leaders that we always hear are either good or bad, but as you have found out, there are always both good and bad aspects of how they lead.
Have you noticed that all the winners from Thursday's debates argued against the common opinion regarding their assigned leaders?
When you hear of Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, and Che Guevara, you don't often hear that they are beloved leaders. But Hannah, Ethan Day, and Gabriel proved that wrong by doing a little bit of homework!
Overall, it was great that you all had the courage to stand up and debate! That is not always an easy thing, especially when you are fighting for something you DON'T believe in. But always remember this class is a practice ground for real world experiences. The more you practice now, the more confident you will be later—especially when you have to do it FOR REAL!

Next week is our LAST DAY OF CLASS!! I can't even believe it!
Thanks to all of you who turned in all your assignments and met all the class requirements. I believe there was a total of 8 people that received their full golden ticket!! Woohoo! You will find out WHERE we will be going next Thursday. Please bring your schedules so we can choose a date for our trip.

We have two debates to finish next week:

Paige vs. Spencer
Benjamin vs. Ethan Hellyer

Then we will receive our Field Day assignments from Ethan Day and Spencer.
And finally you will spend all your class money. So don't forget to bring it to class!

See you Thursday.
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Week 13: Leaders Galore

I have loved your leader presentations!  The person you have chosen tells us A LOT about YOU!!
Thank you for going beyond the usual list of great leaders.
I hope you have recognized that EVERYONE can be a leader, especially if they follow their passion and never give up!  Impressive job!

Taylor and Gabriel kicked off the leader debates with Ronald Reagan!
Taylor declared him a great leader because he cut taxes and ended the Cold War.  Gabriel yelled back, no that is not so!!  He focused on the huge budget deficit Reagan caused and his friendliness with communist countries.  Good job digging!!

You all need to thank Gabe and Taylor they afforded you one more week to prepare for your debate!


We have TWO more weeks of class.  Woohoo!
Everything is DUE NEXT WEEK!!

This includes all the small assignments I have given you.  Have you been tracking them on your homework page?
Make sure you have turned in all your papers, sent in a Ted Talk link recommendation, and finished 20 hours of volunteer work.

If you complete all of this, YOU will be invited to our LEADERSHIP CLASS RETREAT!

It is going to be a great adventure you will be sad to miss:)!

Your first clue to our adventure is 


PS-keep working on your activity plans!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Week 12: Are you golden?

We had an awesome start to our presentations on Thursday.  I enjoyed your leader choices.  They were very diverse!!  Job well done, Tillie, Ethan H., Gabriel, Benjamin, Taylor and Paige.
We will finish with your presentations on Thursday.  Make sure you answer all the required questions. Refer to the page in your binder (9).

Also, Thursday marks the day when your DEBATES ARE DUE!!  Be ready to debate, you never know when YOU will be chosen!  (Actually, Taylor and Spencer and whomever debates them MUST debate Thursday.)  But YOU could be right after them!

Three more weeks of class means three more weeks to get in all your missing assignments.  And if you haven't finished your 20 hours of volunteer work, start volunteering!  This weekend is Parks Appreciation Day.  Go help clean a park and record the hours.

If you have questions about unfulfilled assignments or volunteer hours please email me.


1) Leader Deconstruction Presentations
2) Leader debates
3) Unfulfilled assignments

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 11: Hold your questions and comments until the end

Thank you to Mrs. Schmieder for teaching us the value of listening and NOT interrupting!  Please apply it to all facets of your life from here on out.

You have multiple assignments to work on during our last few weeks of class.

1) Leader Deconstruction Presentations - (page 9 of your binder)
-Make sure you can answer ALL the questions if you want full credit
-Do NOT use a leader you have previously used for a presentation
-DUE THIS THURSDAY!!!! (April 26, 2018)

2) Leader Debate - DUE May 3, 10 2018
Leader                        Affirmative                      Negative
Ronald Reagan Taylor Miller Gabriel Poyer
Margaret Thatcher Ethan H. Benjamin Poyer
Fidel Castro Gabriel Poyer Tillie Blanchard
Vladimir Putin Hannah Doolin Noah G.
Che Guevara Ethan Day Ethan R.
Angela Merkel  Paige Preece Spencer

3) Activity Planning 
-Shakespeare - sign-ups should continue their rounds
-talk to Mrs. P and Mrs. S about supplies and decor

-Field Day - food sign-ups should go out NEXT WEEK at the latest
-an announcement should be made SOON, either by email or in the parent meeting or both!
-Talk to Mrs. P and Mrs. S about logistics ASAP

-Scholar Retreat - 
-solidify a theme, speaker, due date for registration
- I will send out an email as soon as you have a theme!!

4) If you want to get your FULL golden ticket, turn in all your assignments.  This will be your one and only reminder!! Our adventure is going to be pretty amazing!!

SPENCER, you have our Leadership Quick Quote!

Ethan Hellyer, you have the gavel.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Week 10: Can’t we just all get along?

Good work in class on Thursday! I was very impressed with your conflict resolution/mediation skills. Taylor and Ethan R. DID NOT make it easy.


1) Send in a Ted Talk that will help us develop our leadership skills
2) Watch the Ted Talks from your fellow scholars
3) Mediate a conflict - prepare to report results
4) Leader Deconstruction presentation - DUE April 26th

Ethan Riggle has our leadership quote.
Ethan Day has gavel duties.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Week 9: Scholars Good, Scholars that read books BETTER

Thanks for all your participation in our book discussion. It makes for such a better discussion when everyone knows what is being discussed and can add their two cents.

Thank you to those who turned in their approach papers and read Animal Farm.  You are one step closer to our Leadership Class RETREAT/ADVENTURE!!!

For homework during Spring Break, you are supposed to send the class a Ted Talk you feel teaches an important lesson on leadership.  Ethan Day sent one about procrastination and the dark playground.  Please follow suit.  I'm looking forward to all these life changing Ted Talks in my inbox.

Keep working on your activities.  You are all doing an AMAZING job planning and prepping these activities.  Hopefully, you are learning many invaluable lessons.  (For example:  You can't please everyone.  Communication is essential.)
Mrs. Schmieder and I will support YOUR plans and YOUR ideas!  We want to see you succeed and learn from the experience. 

Also, think about a leader you would like to take an in-depth look into.  Please don't choose a leader you have already reported on in another class.  This doesn't do you any favors.  Expand your horizon and study a leader you don't know much about!  We will talk about this last presentation this Thursday.

See you next week, if not tonight at the Scholar Activity.

Mrs. Poyer

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week 7: Put down the phone/video game/tv remote/basketball/brain candy book, etc

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are working on your priorities this week!  Don't you dare wander into the DARK PLAYGROUND! (Thank you, Ethan Day--
Animal Farm should be on the top of the list!!🐖🐓🐑🐐🐄🐕🐎. Do not let the instant gratification monkey steer you wrong!
We are going to have a fun discussion.  (There will be a treat that pertains to the book.)
Come prepared!  There is no other way to come to class, unless you want to disappoint Mrs. Schmieder and me.😭😭
The book is SO SHORT!  No excuses!!

Here is your homework list:
1) read Animal Farm (even if you have read it in the past!  I want fresh perspective!)
2)complete the approach paper-the worksheet can be found in your binder
3) complete 2 priority worksheets (the one with the circles and the one where you make a to do list)


If you have any questions, email me!!

Thank you,
Mrs. Poyer

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